7. Looking !(Comics)!

Chủ yếu sẽ cải thiện kỹ năng nghe của bạn và dạy bạn cách đoán nghĩa của tiếng Anh đích thực- thường khó hiểu ngay cả với người bản xứ- những vở kịch cổ điển và đương đại ngắn cũng tạo thêm lợi ích khi làm bộc lộ khả năng hài hước bên trong bạn. Giải phóng Charlie Chaplin bên trong bạn!!

Through classic comedy! Mainly for improving your listening skills and teaching you ways to decipher authentic English- often confusing for even native speakers- these classic and contemporary sketches also have the added advantage of bringing out your inner comedian. Unleash your inner Charlie Chaplin!

A man and a woman are waiting for a second man who is late. What is his name? Why is he late? What couldn't he do this morning? What do they have for breakfast?



Listen to the full dialogue again here.
Scroll down for slower versions of each chunk of dialogue with a holo-meme alongside. Before you click to listen, use the holo-meme as a trigger to remember it. Listen and repeat until you can recall it. Use the Holo-meme below to recall the entire dialogue.








1 Woman

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2 Man #1

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3 Man #2

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4 Woman

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5 Man #2
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6 Man #1

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7 Man #2

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8 Woman

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Holo-meme for the entire dialogue!

私たちのプログラムに参加することで、100%保証付きの英語におけるあなたの流暢さと自信を最低でも500%上昇させる素晴らしい旅にでましょうOnce you are satisfied that you can recall each of the 8 dialogue chunks, use the Holo-meme here to recall the entire dialogue. Listen again to the full dialogue.

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