8. Casablanca and more....

What are some of your favourite lines in your favourite movies? Learn how to take the dialogue from any scene in any movie, put it in your head and be ready to quote it at any time you need it: in any conversation, any speech, essay.....You name it! You got it!

Exam Practice Test Strategies Using the eReverb®©™ technique, learn how to crack some of the most difficult aspects of the Listening Sections of TOIEC, IELTS etc. Using Holo-memes®, learn 2 quick and powerful ways* to dramatically increase vocabulary, improve comprehension and move toward fearlessless and mastery of parts of the Reading Sections eg Section 5 in TOIEC (*mainly for TOEIC novices but a mental boost also for those with higher scores).


A man and a woman are waiting for a second man who is late. What is his name? Why is he late? What couldn't he do this morning? What do they have for breakfast?



Listen to the full dialogue again here.
Scroll down for slower versions of each chunk of dialogue with a holo-meme alongside. Before you click to listen, use the holo-meme as a trigger to remember it. Listen and repeat until you can recall it. Use the Holo-meme below to recall the entire dialogue.








1 Woman

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2 Man #1

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3 Man #2

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4 Woman

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5 Man #2
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6 Man #1

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7 Man #2

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8 Woman

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Holo-meme for the entire dialogue!

私たちのプログラムに参加することで、100%保証付きの英語におけるあなたの流暢さと自信を最低でも500%上昇させる素晴らしい旅にでましょうOnce you are satisfied that you can recall each of the 8 dialogue chunks, use the Holo-meme here to recall the entire dialogue. Listen again to the full dialogue.

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